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‘The Zeugma of the West” is being unearthed at Kemalpaşa

A 1700 year old archeological site was found in the borough of Kemalpaşa in Izmir. The antique Roman city, which was accidentally unearthed during construction in the warehouse of a private firm, attracts attention with its rich mosaics.

During drillings inside a warehouse of a local company in the borough of Kemalpaşa a historical treasure was found. Mosaics that could be called the Zeugma of the West were unearthed at the site which is believed to be an antique Roman city from 4th century A.D.

The discovery of the antique city, which is described as “joyful news that will excite the world” by the Minister of Culture and Tourism Ertuğrul Günay, was cause for much excitement.

When mosaics were found in 6 rooms of the 11 room villa, excavations were accelerated. Cultural Assets and Museums General Manager Osman Murat Süslü, who introduced the findings to the press after the salvage excavations, said “We know that there are lost cities in Anatolia. After research, we will know which lost city this one is.”

4th century A.D.

Süslü, who pointed out that they had come across dense archeological traces in the first days of September during drills inside the warehouse of a private company, said that the museum had begun salvage excavations and that they had come across cultural layers dating back to 4th century A.D. late Roman and Byzantine periods.

Süslü, who stated that they had found a villa complex within a 550 square meter area, said that this pointed out that the area had modern buildings. He continued by saying that the walls of the villa were 103-105 centimeter high and that mosaics were found in 6 of the 11 rooms. Süslü, who said that animals such as panthers, tigers and various plants were depicted on the 57 square meter mosaic and this was unusually for this geography, added that coloring was done with natural materials. Süslü, who added that he was happy to have found such an area in Kemalpaşa, said “We could call it the Zeugma of the West. The area doesn’t only include the villa, I am sure we will find other structures and rich assets after excavations.”

Süslü, who stated that 22 excavations were done each year in the area, warned people about smuggling historical artifacts. Süslü, who said that illegal excavations were their biggest problem, said that they were trying to bring back smuggled items from foreign countries and they were succeeding in recent years. Süslü, who urged locals to report people who smuggled historical artifacts and said “We will handsomely pay citizens who find historical artifacts”